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Guide To Play Handicap Betting in Football

Handicap betting has been considered by some bettors to be very difficult to play and understand. In reality, this type of bet can be challenging if you do not thoroughly understand or grasp its operational methods. This can make it difficult for many people to choose the appropriate betting odds.

So, what is handicap betting? How is handicap betting played in football? All issues related to handicap betting will be explained by sure football tips right here.

What is Handicap Betting? Is it Simple to Play?

Handicap betting is the name of a very popular type of bet in the Asian betting system. When translated into Vietnamese, this type of bet is called "kèo cược chấp." It is abbreviated as HDP on reputable betting platforms.

This type of bet is part of the main betting group in football. Therefore, bookmakers classify HDP bets into two types: first-half handicap (HDP HT) and full-match handicap (HDP FT).

For local football bettors, they usually call this the "cược chấp" or "chấp" bet.

In handicap betting, you need to pay attention to the final score of the two teams in the match. This is because, in addition to the additional handicap goals, the final score will significantly affect the win or lose outcome of this bet.

How to Read Handicap Betting in Football

Reading handicap betting odds is very simple. You should actively learn how to read handicap bets before participating in betting on HDP odds.

Before delving into how to read handicap betting, we need to find a reputable sports betting platform. You can access such platforms to conveniently learn about this type of bet.

Typically, online football betting platforms provide all the basic information about handicap betting, including:

Handicap Ratio: This is the number of goals given to the weaker team. The number of goals is set by the bookmaker.

Odds for the Favorite Team: After evaluation, the reputable bookmaker will set the payout rate for betting on the favorite team to win.

Odds for the Underdog Team: Similarly, the payout rate for betting on the underdog team to win will also be set.

Based on the handicap ratio chosen for betting, simply add the handicap goals to the final score of the two teams. After the end of the half or the match, compare the scores of both sides. If the team you bet on has more goals, you win the bet. Otherwise, you lose the bet.

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What to Pay Attention to When Analyzing Handicap Odds?

For those who intend to focus on handicap odds or simply want to get a basic understanding before placing a bet, it's essential to have suitable methods for analyzing each match.

Below are some important considerations when analyzing handicap odds:

Handicap Odds Complexity:

Handicap odds are quite challenging to play.

The winning rate is not very high. However, the odds usually ensure fairness, and winning chances still exist.

Whether you choose to bet on the favored or underdog team, the probability of winning remains relatively high.

Gathering Information:

Collect complete news and data about both teams.

For official information, refer to dedicated football websites or online football betting platforms.

Accurate information collection is crucial for precise football odds analysis.

Cautious Betting:

If you're not confident about the handicap bet result, avoid rushing into placing a bet.

Watching live matches and combining observations with analysis helps in making more accurate predictions and reducing risks.

Is It Difficult to Play Handicap Betting?

Handicap betting is not too easy but is relatively challenging, especially for those new to online football betting.

Reputable bookmakers offer various handicap odds.

Each type of handicap has its own odds, so understanding how to read handicap odds is the first step in participating.

How to Place a Handicap Bet?

Prepare and Login:

Obtain the link, log in to your account, and connect to the online sports betting lobby.

Select and Bet:

Choose the match and desired handicap odds.

Select the odds you wish to play, confirm the bet, and you're done.


By now, you should have a clear understanding of what handicap betting is. The above information soccer tips website should help you know how to play handicap betting in football. Good luck, and remember to visit reputable bookmakers to get more offers for new players!


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