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Being a teacher of dance is definitely not one dimensional. You have to be an artist, a businessperson, a coach, a psychologist or a counsellor. You should be firm, yet fair; honest with critique and yet, encouraging and empathetic, courageous and compassionate. The list goes on.

But, as you know, one cannot drink from an empty well. Teachers cannot give what they do not have. They study countless dance videos, spend hours in dance classes, go to live performances, study business, read books and articles, speak to people and much more - all for the sake of becoming a better teacher. They do not do so for themselves, but for you, the student.

Never mind the actual hours working and preparing for those few classes or lessons with their protégés...

This isn’t “down time” for them. Rather, it should be seen as research and development. They need the time and inspiration to fill their wells. They need to be topped up so constantly so that you may drink and have your fill inspired by their their knowledge and passion.

When they send you dance videos to watch, recommend a movie or show or perhaps an article to read, comply.

Do what they ask. Please. All this is so that they can get the best out of you during your class.

They want you there early, warmed up, motivated and inspired - so that they can help you grow beyond what even you imagine. They expect the best from you because they see you at your best already.

Don’t go into your dance class wanting the teacher to do all this for you. When you think about it, they really aren’t there to remind you to warm you up, cheer you on or make you feel as though you’re progressing. These are all aspects you take onus for as the student.

What inspires your teachers more than anything else and encourages them to be the very best they can be? When they see your efforts to take their advice, your appreciation, your commitment to being your best and your passion. Do your bit to give them an encouraging word. You have no idea how much that drink, chocolate or small gesture positively impacts them (thank you to my amazing students who know I need the pick me up). Even better, when you arrive a bit earlier to warm up, or you've dance “homework”, or you arrive with excitement and great energy for your lesson, it makes all the difference in the world.

“You can lead a horse to water but you can’t make it drink.” is a saying often used. Don’t have your blinkers on. Open your eyes to the wonderful beauty of dance that your teacher can show you. They know it -that’s why they have dedicated their lives to teach - to share what they have inside and what they have already experienced.

Written by Quintus Jansen

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