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Awareness and Being Present in Dance

Dancing is extremely personal. It’s one thing that you cannot delegate. Like exercising or learning, this is something that is done by you, for you.

Before you can dance, you need to know how to walk - Although dancing isn’t limited to people who can walk (wheelchair dancing for example).

Dancing is one of the few art-forms or creative endeavours that require us to turn into ourselves, away from the world, in order to have an out-of-body experience. Not many who dance get the privilege of attaining this Nirvana-like state. But one thing is for certain: You can get closer to it by becoming completely aware of the moment.

Once immersed into the music and movement, you enter a transcendent state and you feel your body move; but beyond that, you are completely conscious of the movement moving through your body. You feel the flow and you create with the current as it sweeps you along. Each experience of this differs. Sometimes it’s a raging river and other times it’s a gentle stream.

But one thing is for sure: You have to completely jump in and allow yourself the pleasure. Relinquish your need for control and trust your body to carry you; allow your vessel to take you on a journey.

People dance for various reasons: for exercise, to learn a skill, to show-off, to perform, to compete, to just create...

But ultimately, dance is an overflow of feeling. It is an expression: sometimes of the music, a story or even of self. But one has to become aware and tune into the music, envision the story, allow oneself to deeply feel the emotions. This is in essence what dance truly is.

Sometimes more experienced dancers lose their passion and they get lost along the way. But there is hope ahead. If you stop and listen to the rhythm of your heartbeat, feel the source of life coursing through your veins and relinquish your need to achieve, then perhaps you can re-ignite the flame. Be still, be aware and allow the dance to travel through you. Dance isn’t always about a destination.

Dance is a journey - so enjoy the ride and see where it takes you.

Written by Quintus Jansen

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