Make Your Move

Updated: May 11, 2021

This is our first communication of 2021...

...and it's with trepidation and curiosity that we embark on our journey together into the new year. As an industry, we've had to adapt and change our business models and how we teach and including, in studio, we've had to adhere to very strict protocols. The lockdown rules have, literally, taken our breath away (with having to wear masks while dancing) - but I like to think of it as 'high-altitude training';-). If anything, we will definitely be getting fitter.

Our hybrid business model is challenging, due to having to both in-person as well as Video classes. In my head I call it "ZOOManji" - because it's a jungle out there - with almost everything having an online aspect to it - and we've all experienced screen-fatigue at some point. But, we know that we aren't alone on this journey and that brings some sort of solace. We've managed to be quite innovative and have created some video projects, with more planned for 2021. You may view some of them on our Instagram Account. When we were allowed to have in-studio lessons and dance classes after the initial full lockdown, it was wonderful to see so many flocking back because they missed human interaction and the special feeling that is so unique to a dance studio - that distinctive "Energy In The Room". There's nothing quite like it. We've been adhering to all protocols quite strictly and are very pleased to note that to date, it’s been a safe space for everyone involved because everyone is playing their part. The feedback received from the dancers is that the dancing has been a life-line: it helped in facilitating some friendly interactions with dance family and it definitely assisted with the mental challenges that all the disruption has caused. For now, we're open for business and are accepting new enrolments. We value each and every member still dancing with us as it's been a rough road; so thank you for your support! Our Hip Hop and Street Dance classes are going strong and there are a few spaces open for Latin American lessons. Please spread the word and share our social media posts as our future dancers might just be on your timeline.

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